Steve Brignoli is a former US Army Special Operations Officer with multiple deployments and extensive field experience. As a Special Forces Detachment Commander for the 10th Special Forces, Brignoli’s primary focus was in Special Reconnaissance and Foreign Training. He was also a Special Operations Task Unit Commander for TF 10 in Afghanistan responsible for US/Romanian Special Reconnaissance and Direct Action Missions.


As the JSOC Portfolio manager at DARPA between 2012-2016, Brignoli led the transition of 11 DARPA programs to SOCOM and managed 34 programs (UNCLASS to SAP) for SOCOM and IC transition from DARPA. In 2009, he founded Beyond SOF, a Veteran-owned small business that provides special applications and solutions primarily to businesses and the federal government in the national security sector.

Brignoli is the President of Chapter 1 “Sigholtz Chapter” of the 173rd Airborne Association. The chapter provides internment services for paratroopers at Arlington Cemetery, scholarships to local schools, and benches to VA and Fischer House facilities. He is also the managing director of H.O.P.E., an anti-poaching non-profit that conducts train/assist/advise services in Africa.

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Dave Duffy is a retired US Army Special Forces Officer and with combat experience in Afghanistan. He received a Bronze Star with "V" device for gallantry during combat actions in Khowst. His service includes 21 years of extensive experience in Africa and Southwest Asia, and additional deployments to support Operation Support Hope in Rwanda/Zaire, Operation Uphold Democracy in Haiti, and Operation Focus Relief in Nigeria.


Duffy commanded the 3rd SFG(A) Company which was the first in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan to see combat in 2002. Here Duffy served as the Unconventional Warfare Area of Operations Commander, overseeing 500 indigenous irregulars in use against remnants of the Taliban and AQ. 


In March 2020, Duffy joined Beyond SOF as Chief Operating Officer. He has served as both Vice President and Director of Strategic Studies at three different organizations, and currently is a small business owner of a food and beverage franchise in South Carolina



Kurt Crytzer is a Senior Advisor for CTF19.

Brigadier General (Retired) Kurt S. Crytzer spent 31 years of active federal service in the United States military. He was promoted to Major General but chose to retire in March 2018 after one year in grade due to family considerations. The vast majority of his assignments were with the Special Forces/Special Operations Forces. His areas of operation included Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia.


BG (R) Crytzer participated in nine named operations and many other deployments throughout his career. His last assignment was Commanding General of Joint Task Force North (Formerly JTF 6), NORTHCOM, located in El Paso, Texas. Prior to this assignment, he was the Deputy Commanding General for Special Operations Command Central, SOCOM/CENTCOM, Tampa, Florida.


Crytzer has been married to the former Simone Doehring for nearly 30 years; and, they are the proud parents of a son and daughter. He is now a proud Montanan and is accepting visitors.

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Chuck Wolf is a Senior Advisor for CTF19.


Wolf is a Retired Navy Captain, (SEAL) with over 32 years of experience within the U.S. Military, the Defense Advanced Research Agency (DARPA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). In March 2018, he co-founded C²Innovation LLC, a technology consulting firm which specializes in the introduction, development, prototyping and adoption of emerging technologies across commercial and government entities.



Jen Paquette is a Senior Advisor for CTF19.


Paquette is the President & CEO of The JPaq Group, a Supply Chain and Operations Management Consultancy.  She has almost 30 years’ experience establishing, maintaining and improving supply chains and operations management. 


She is known for her vast experience in finding efficient and effective solutions resulting in operations excellence within a wide range or organizations from small to medium sized for profits and nonprofits to companies as large as Intel Corporation. 


Paquette holds both a Masters in Public Administration from St. Mary’s University and an Executive MBA from Rice University and a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration & Supply Chain Management from Arizona State University.

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Jason is the Vice President of Business Development for Beyond SOF. Prior to joining the organization, he served as the Vice President of Operations at Diversified Agency Services (DAS) Group of Companies under OMNICOM, and in business development and operations roles for companies such as Booz Allen Hamilton, where he was the Engagement Lead for Special Operations Forces (SOF).


Morrison was previously a High Threat Security specialist, providing threat analysis and overseeing security for US Congressmen, Senators, General Officers, and Embassy/Consulate personnel in global high-threat environments. He was a Detail Leader of a 5 team, 29 man mobile security detail (Israel, Gaza, and West Bank); Embassy/Consulate multilateral coordinator with the Israeli, Palestinian, and US agencies and security forces; Agent in Charge (Ramadi, Iraq); Mobile Security Operator throughout (Al Anbar, Iraq in Al Fallujah, Ar Ramadi); and Agent-in-Charge, Tactical Motorcade Commander, Counter Assault Team Leader.


Dedicating nearly eight years to the United States Marine Corps, Morrison was a Force Recon Team Leader, serving in the 1st Recon Company, 5th Force Recon / 3rd Battalion, and 2nd Recon Company. He did four maritime special purpose force deployments in Marine expeditionary units (Special Operations Capable) and was named Force Recon Team Leader of the Year in 2000.